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Lucas Chess,, & Chess With Friends by Zynga

Lucas Chess is one of the best tools for studying your games and playing against the computer using any number of the best chess engines available. And, it's FREE!

You can find reviews and instructions on how to use it over at Learning Openings With Lucas Chess. Lucas Chess is an excellent program for beginners and experienced players alike. You can Download Lucas Chess Installable Version (for Windows Only).

While there is a portable version, there is no Android or iPhone version, yet. See this article: Lucas Chess on Android

Here is what you can do with Lucas Chess:

Input game positions by hand, or paste a PGN sequence. Then save your moves to a file.

Access several built-in databases.

Use for Training:
- Play like a grandmaster
- Training mates
- Find best move
- Learn openings by repetition
- Training with a book
- Your daily test
- Resistance Test
- Learn tactics by repetition
- Check your memory on a chessboard
- Find all moves
- Becoming a knight tamer
- Moves between two positions
- Determine your calculating power
- Learn a game

After researching many chess sites, I believe lessons and tools provide the best options for studying chess. Although they have free registration, the resources are limited. Full membership is currently $14/mo or $99/yr. Their mobile app may be the best for playing chess with friends on your iPhone or Android devices, or on the Web. They definitely have a way to save your PGN files!

Free online chess games & lessons!

There are several other good free sites as well, and I will soon be posting my research findings here.

I have been looking for a way to access the PGN files from the phone app, Chess With Friends by Zynga.

I have sent off several messages from the Support area within the app, but have gotten no reply yet. I also called Zynga's billing phone number (800-762-2530) and the lady was nice enough to draft an email and send it off. So I'm hoping that will generate a response.

In Chess With Friends, when you tap on one of your completed games, you are able to step back through each move, one-at-a-time, using the arrow keys at the bottom of the chess board. So there must be a file stored somewhere on your device for each game. However, I have not yet found the file location on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Android device. Also, I do not believe the games are stored online anywhere, because there is no such area in my account on their website. I will keep looking and post here when I find it.

(Posted: 2015/11/28)

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