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Running Lucas Chess on Android

I just spent an hour researching this, and unfortunately the PortableApps version of Lucas Chess does NOT run on an Android device. BIG disappointment!

Here's the article: Portable Apps Do NOT Run on Android

The PortableApps version of Lucas Chess (or any other app that's available on the platform, about 300 of them) is meant to be able to run your software on another Windows PC by using your personal USB Flash drive.

You must install the Portable Apps platform to the flash drive. Then, from within the Portable Apps program (that is running from the flash drive), you select one of the apps you want to run. The first time you run an app, such as Lucas Chess, it will be installed which can take a few minutes. The idea behind the Portable Apps platform is it allows you to carry your desktop tools around with you when away from your own Windows computer.
(Posted: 2015/11/28)

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